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Solace application

  • Apr. 25th, 2009 at 1:01 PM

NAME: gal
JOURNAL: firstmidnight
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NAME: Grimmjow Jeager Jacques
SERIES: Bleach
CANON POINT: In chapter 286, Grimmjow had been defeated by Ichigo and reverted back from his resurrección form. Unable to accept his defeat, he tried to continue the fight but it was interrupted by Nnoita who attacked Grimmjow and left him for dead. Grimmjow survived the attack but was left on the sand and the fight moved away from him. While the fight raged on, Grimmjow vanished from Hueco Mundo and appeared in Solace.

HISTORY: Grimmjow doesn't remember anything of his life before he was a hollow. His earliest memory is him crouching over the carcass of of a Gillian, the blood and gore from the other hollow on his jaw, and he knew that he'd consumed enough hollows like him to move to becoming an Adjucha. He continued to prowl the dunes of Hueco Mundo, seeking out hollows like him to battle and feast upon. Instinctively he knew if he went out, consuming thousands of hollows and not being consumed himself, he could become even stronger and reach the level of Vastrode.

While seeking out other Adjucha, Grimmjow ran across a small band of hollows -- Shawlong Qufan, Edorad Leones, Nakeem Grindeena, Il Fort Granz, and Di Roy Rinka. They recognized his strength and Shawlong asked him to lead them as their king and the possible King of Hueco Mundo.

After meeting these hollows, Grimmjow continued to seek out hollows to consume and eventually did reach the coveted level of Vastrode, though his companions did not. As a Vastrode and their evolution stopped at Adjuchas, these six actually became some of the first arrancar -- a process they underwent with their own will, without any help from the hougyoku which was not yet created.

Though some of the first arrancar, Grimmjow was not in the original Espada. When Aizen did venture into Hueco Mundo, Grimmjow did throw his alliances in with the shinigami and claimed his companions as his Fracción once he was made Sexta Espada. Though allied with Aizen and serving in his hollow army, it is questionable just how loyal to him Grimmjow was. It could have just been a case of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. Grimmjow did aspire to be King of Hueco Mundo, and with Aizen's presence in Hueco Mundo, that role was somewhat filled.

But while in Aizen's service, Grimmjow didn't hesitate to seek out strong individuals -- shinigami and human alike -- who might oppose the man. After Ulquiorra and Yammy's reconnaissance mission to the living world, Grimmjow and his Fracción raided the living world and it was here Grimmjow came across and tried to defeat Kurosaki Ichigo. His fight was interrupted but the rivalry created that night lasted until the end of Grimmjow's days in Hueco Mundo.

PERSONALITY: Rude, arrogant, hating authority, crude, powerful. Any number of these can be used to describe Grimmjow and every single one would be correct at least to some degree. Grimmjow is perhaps one of the most laid back of the Esapda. That doesn't mean he's likable. He's not above mouthing off, to other Espada or even Aizen (though he does tread a bit more carefully around Aizen than others, but not by much), and doesn't really care what anyone says of it. He says whatever might be on his mind, ignoring any politeness or decorum.

He's far more intelligent than most would give him credit for, but with his tendency to act on his gut instinct and behave rashly, sometimes his intelligence doesn't come into play and he doesn't make the best decisions. He does stand by his decisions.

Unlike many of the arrancar in Aizen's service, Grimmjow is surprisingly honest -- brutally honest most times. He's not the type to play mind games in order to get what he wants. He just goes after it and won't give up until he gets what he wants and feels he deserves.

WEAPONS/ABILITIES/ETC: Grimmjow may not be the Cero Espada, but he was the epitome of perfect, complete arrancar strength. Maybe only because he's so quick to fight and display that power. He is able to gather the energy of a cero in his hand and blast it at his opponent (he prefers point blank shots). He is also able to shoot off the strongest cero, Gran Rey Cero.

Grimmjow also in a fight is very loathe to draw his zanpakuto, preferring hand to hand combat and being quite good at holding his own in a fight without even drawing his blade. When he does meet a fight worth fighting at full strength, he is truly a force to be reckoned with.

The shikai release (more correctly, his resurrección) is unlocked with a cry of "Kishire, Pantera!" In this form, Grimmjow is whip slender, with long hair and a tail, no mask on his face but instead it covers his body, and he exhibits feline quickness and predatory instincts. His speed is faster, his blood thirst higher, any restraint gone, primal urges taking over completely. His teeth are elongated, the maw of his mouth and razored nails ready to slice into soft flesh. In his resurrección form he's also able to carry out his strongest technique - Desgarrón (Shred) - reiatsu extends out from each of his fingers and condenses to form long, razor sharp claws that he can slash down and command at will to act as ten blades.

He, as expected, is experiencing a great deal of anger upon finding those abilities suddenly gone.

THIRD PERSON: The hall of Las Noches were quiet. Only the distant sound of footsteps could be heard.

Fuuuuuck, Grimmjow hated when it got like this. It was so quiet. Too quiet. Too fucking quiet and boring. He wasn't like Szayel Aprro, he didn't desire to be left alone with his deep thoughts and aspirations and whatever.

Sitting with his long legs sprawled out in a window, looking out over the hilly crystalline landscape of Hueco Mundo, Grimmjow sneered and pulled a toothpick out of his hakama to pick at his teeth. He'd take an Espada meeting over this monotony, complete with Nnoitra being leery at Halibel while loathing her presence there, and Ulquiorra just trying to stare him down with his dead gaze because he "spoke out of turn" again. What could he do... There were lots of things he could do. He could go lurk through Tres Cifras, there was always something interesting to be found there. Or he could go pester Lori about her obvious crush on Aizen--

Nah. That was out. Lori was always stationed at that private room of Aizen's, so there was too big of a chance Aizen would see him picking on his darling girl. He wasn't in an Aizen mood. Nor was he in a mood to deal with Lori who seemed to have forgotten everything about what it was like to be a hollow.

He was in a fighting mood. When wasn't he though? He was getting bored, stir crazy, with this palace of Aizen's. Aizen had created them from hollows right? Assembled all the perfect Gillian, Adjucha, even elusive Vastrode. For what? To play with the hougyoku? Nah, that he did in his spare time since his Espada was perfected. It was long past time they got to do what they were created to do.

From hearing Ichimaru, Tousen, and Aizen talk, it sounded like Aizen had lots of enemies. People who at least would consider themselves enemies. When the hell was he gonna let his Espada, or even just the numbered arrancar, take out those who considered themselves a threat to Aizen? Grimmjow would be glad to take all those bitches on.

"Yea... Maybe I'll do jus' that," he said with a grin, flicking the toothpick from the window. Everyone needed a hobby. Grimmjow's favorite just happened to be terrorizing and looking for a fight.
JOURNAL: Fuck I zoned out again. What the hell is he talkin' about now?

Oh right, 'the way without fear'. Shit... Does anyone really buy this shit? The weaker arrancar do, maybe. The ones who heal sew up the wounds, sweep out the sand, make the damn tea. We're the fuckin' Espada though. Look at Ulquiorra... He's just sittin' there, soakin' this bull shit up. That guy would eat up Aizen's actual shit with a spoon.

Great, Tousen's lookin' at me weird again-- oh wait no, fucker's blind. That's just his usual dead stare. I bet he is 'lookin' at me though. Bet he wants to try and take my other arm off. Like to see him try, I'll take him on any day. Just cos he got the jump on me once doesn't mean jack shit.

...wait. That orange haired little brat is here? And he wants me to just sit in my room and wait while him and his twit friends storm the castle?

Fuck that. FUCK THAT.

Aizen's orders be damned. I have business with that piece of crap shinigami, unfinished business that I don't expect him to understand. I'll take that Ichigo down, pulverize him into the ground... Kill that human girl we got here, in front of his eyes, if that's what it takes to get him to get serious again. His friends too...

'The way without fear...' Fuck that, Aizen. I'm in this for myself.
Character journal for cityofsolace
Played by firstmidnight

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